The Executive Defense Directorate


    The directorate is an amazingly forward-thinking organization that offers excellent pay, incomparable challenges, and upward mobility from operative at GS-1 level up to the Senior Executive Service levels of agency command and control.  In exchange, the EDD expects uncompromising loyalty and deals harshly with any transgressions.
    There are several departments within the EDD that specialize in particular types of work, ranging from C4I SIGINT to classic government insurrection to paramilitary campaigns on foreign soil under the guise of another agency or country.  Some departments specialize in R&D and others in more, how do we say, esoteric subjects, but that, I'm afraid, is classified.

    The highest office and most powerful seat in the U.S., if not the world, is the chair in the Oval Office of the White House.  The President of the United States is arguably the single most powerful person alive.  He is the commander-in-chief of the nation's military and he enjoys executive privilege.  He has but to nod and the U.S. Marines are landing on foreign soil.  But this isn't where his true powers lie.
    The president has the U.S. Secret Service that physically protects him from harm, and several intelligence bureaus to look after the nation's best interest, but what's in the best interest of president?  He (or she) is only human after all.
    The Office of the President has a secret weapon.  A highly clandestine and secretive federal agency whose only goal is to tend to the best interest of the President.  Sometimes this means covering up an indiscrete relationship and other times it involves rappelling down an elevator shaft in a foreign embassy to put two 180grain bullets into a target of interest taking refuge in the basement.
    The Executive Defense Directorate (EDD) has extensive funding and an ample training budget to employ many of the most highly skilled clandestine and wetworks operatives in the intelligence business, including foreign assets to provide support for agents in the field.

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Agency Clearance/Classification Levels(much data referenced/taken from OGC Spycraft Agency. Copyright 2004 Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc.  Buy it here.)