About GovtSanct

Government Sanctioned™ is the name of a software package, detailed mechanics loosely based on the d20 SRD and a wide range of OGL products, and a complete game world.  The software is open source and licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License.

The software is comprised of a command-line console client, a GUI client based on Nick Gammon's MUSHClient, a server/daemon, and accompanying game scripts.  The server and CLI console client are written in C++ using c++0x extensions.  The GUI client is extended with custom LUA scripts. The Game Engine uses an embedded Falcon scripting engine.

Project Information

The project is hosted on Codeplex and the project information, issue tracker, and wiki can be accessed from the links to the right.  The wiki contains full documentation for the game, as well as the development of the software and development of the game mechanics.


Government Sanctioned was originally written entirely on OpenSolaris using GCC 4.4.3 under SunStudio 12 and Netbeans but has since been ported to Ubuntu Linux x86_64 Server compiled with 4.7.1.  The world server and web pages run on a multi-core Ubuntu Linux x86_64 server box.

The client software will run on Linux (with Wine), Windows Vista and 7. 

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