The Newest News...

The wiki is getting bigger every day as the game is fleshed out and the design and software architecture is better specified.  The storyline and game props are also getting built at the same time.  The newest additions can be found at the download pages or at the bottom of the storyline front page.

Open Source RPG

Government Sanctioned is an online RPG (similar to a MUD/MOO) that takes place against the backdrop of a highly-secretive U.S. Government agency whose stated goals don't always match the dirty work the agents tend to find themselves in.

The software is developed on a Linux x86_64 in C++ with a custom MUSHClient GUI.  The server runs on a colocated tier2-connected Ubuntu Linux x86_64 server OS multiprocessor machine.  The entire project is open source and licensed under the CDDL, putting the power in the developers' hands to make it what they want, however they want...on their terms.

So Far...

Head over to the project page or the Government Sanctioned wiki pages and check out our progress.  If you'd like to input your opinions or give us your feedback, feel free to. Check out our contact page and drop us an email, participate on the forums, or join the developer's discussion group.

Modern Espionage

An online campaign based on the popular d20 SRD with many new additions.